C-RAN/Small Cell

TRM C-RAN small cellC-RAN topology provides advantages to delivering and scaling bandwidth and services utilizing the latest developments in mobile technology. TRM is your partner in planning and installing these solutions with a focus on your timeframes.

  • Real estate/entitlement
  • Design/A&E
  • Hub construction
  • Node installation
  • Electrical
  • Fronthaul/Backhaul
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

TRM C-RAN servicesTRM techs possess the skills to install and test antennae on pole tops or any other location.  We can also install, connect, terminate, test and provide all necessary cabling interfaces.  In addition, we have extensive experience with transitioning backhaul between providers and carriers to maintain efficient communications, scheduling and quality.

TRM can rack and stack, ground, configure, test, and turn up all applicable network interface devices, batteries and power supplies (AC/DC).

Our electricians can coordinate, install, wire and turn up all power requirements, batteries and power supplies (AC/DC).

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