TRM has been recognized as a leading turnkey vendor on many programs similar to the below example.

Project Overview

TRM delivered high-capacity circuits to more than 1,000 cellular sites via fiber optic cable.  TRM deployed a customized database that tracked all project progress as well as all associated deliverables. TRM implemented customized, Internet-accessible reporting that provided real-time downloadable reports and applicable data on the status of the project to a variety of stakeholders. We were responsible for the program management and overall service delivery for:

  • Due diligence
  • Bill of materials
  • Real estate
  • Equipment logistics
  • Design/engineering
  • Construction
  • Test and turn-up of electronics

Program Management

  • TRM developed a comprehensive baseline project plan that incorporated all associated PMBOK and other PMP-related best practices to establish clear expectations and concise scope management and accurate deliverables.
  • TRM provided a customized cloud database along with customizable reporting,
  • TRM provided consistent direction and guidance to the client while interfacing and coordinating with their OSP teams to accurately deploy timely resources.

Due Diligence

  • TRM conducted detailed site surveys that identifed common demarcation points and paths to desired equipment within buildings and tower compounds.
  • TRM worked with the client’s OSP group to fine-tune approach on delivery of fiber to locations.
  • TRM conducted roundtable meetings to get consensus on exact scope of all parties involved.

Real Estate (Site Acquisition & Permitting)

  • TRM reviewed client files and provided detailed assessments regarding real estate rights.
  • TRM reviewed and researched town ordinances and permitting requirements to establish a clear entitlement process and deliverables.
  • TRM obtained the necessary documentation to secure the rights for telecommunications uses on a number of public and private properties throughout the market.

A&E and Environmental Service

  • TRM engaged various skilled firms to provide detailed design and construction drawings and other contract documents required in the construction of client facilities.
  • TRM directed the specific design of the facilities to ensure the most efficient route was utilized to minimize cost and impact to the facility.


  • TRM performed the full construction for each site from utility pole into end-client equipment. All fiber splicing and termination extensions were included within the scope. All required trenching, conduit, building coring/penetrations, etc. were included within the scope.
  • TRM managed the construction process from notice to proceed to site commissioning, managing schedule and pricing throughout.
  • TRM prepared and presented detailed closeout packages that provided detailed site information for the client’s archives.

Technical Services

  • TRM installed and provisioned client networking equipment within the end-customer’s facilities ensuring quality of install and performance of circuits.
  • TRM assumed responsible for all troubleshooting required to effectuate circuits that would meet our client’s expectations.
  • TRM furnished technical reports and closeout documentation to document completion, quality and installation performance.