Construction Services

TRM Construction ServicesSafety, Quality and Communication are the key cornerstones to successful construction projects. TRM embodies these principles by employing properly trained and uniquely qualified professionals.

  • Civil Construction
  • Tower Construction
  • Trenching
  • Antenna and Line installation and modification
  • Sweep Testing
  • PIM testing
  • Microwave installation and path alignment

program/project managementTRM provides services and deliverables that consistently meet or beat the budgets and schedule parameters for each of our clients. As a result of TRM’s efforts and quality our teams are repeatedly recognized as the highest ranked and most reliable when compared to other services companies and geographic markets across the US.

End-To-End Telecom/IT Infrastructure Services

  • Turnkey network infrastructure from data center to distribution:
    Fiber – IT – Wireless
  • PMP based Program Management Emphasis – key components are communication and process
  • OSP & ISP Construction of Fiber, Copper, Structured Cabling
  • Complete fiber optic splicing (fusion and/or mechanical)
  • Wireless network deployment; microwave, cellular, lines, antennas, equipment, towers and equipment room structures
  • Complete testing services, such as end to end, reel testing, and splice loss testing, power meter/laser source testing and WDM testing
  • CPE Test & Turn-up
  • Connectorizing and polishing
  • Emergency restoration and in-service “hot cuts”
  • Equipment programming and installation
  • Rack & Stack
  • Design & Engineering
  • Stage & Test Equipment
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Site Survey and Design Analysis
  • Entitlement Assessments (Access and Permitting)
  • Entitlement Services

Circuit Testing

TRM provides circuit testing to verify proper network connectivity and pathing.

Testing can be done over traditional landlines (copper or fiber) or over wireless microwave links.

TRM can put together a customized solution that will provide the deliverables to verify that sites are communicating within established parameters

Line-of-Sight Surveys

As a component of TRM microwave services, TRM has experience conducting line-of-site and pathing surveys. The TRM experience is a result of working with multiple equipment manufacturers and clients to achieve the results needed for various microwave applications and installation types.

Wireless Construction Management

wireless-networksTRM’s Construction Management Group provides the forces needed to design and construct wireless networks and backhaul connectivity. TRM has the experience, flexibility, quality processes and, most importantly, the focus on safety issues that are so critical for today’s time-sensitive deployments. The TRM team is trained on the latest quality and safety standards.

TRM provides effective, efficient and scalable services that include:

  • Cellular / PCS / ESMR Sites
  • Microwave Installations
  • DAS & In-building networks
  • WiFi & WAP
  • Tower Stacking
  • Decommission Work
  • Tower Modifications / Upgrades
  • System Growth
  • Cabinet Additions
  • Equipment Swap-outs
  • Civil and Electrical Support
  • Path Alignment
  • Radio & Equipment Installation

TRM can provide construction services and coordination to ensure that each site is addressed using the most expeditious time frames possible. By providing complete program managementfor expansion projects, TRM navigates through the entire process ensuring each group communicates effectively to ensure all projects are completed on time and within budget. Whether part of an integrated turnkey program or stand-alone, TRM has the expertise to meet our clients’ objectives by providing a quality finished product, safely.

Wireless Networks

TRM has extensive experience constructing wireless networks.  Typical services include:

  • Turnkey site construction; towers, monopoles, rooftops and indoor systems
  • Site access
  • Utility coordination and material requisition
  • Antenna & Cabling installation and replacement; towers, rooftops, raw land, etc.
  • Electrical and Telephony work services; including full power upgrades, extensive direct burial runs, inside plant style breakouts tapping into existing building systems
  • Concrete pads and platforms
  • Internal room build-outs, cable bridges and raceways
  • Testing and report generation
  • Antenna and cabling swaps
  • Diplexers and duplexers
  • Cabinet swaps
  • Hot swap cutovers, power and backhaul modifications.
  • Ongoing Operations & Maintenance:
  • Site and network troubleshooting
  • Parts replacement services
  • Audits
  • Upgrades
  • Lighting
  • General maintenance
  • Operations and maintenance support as well as emergency restoration services


TRM has significant experience and knowledge with the deployment and challenges of microwave design and link site dependencies as well as solutions to work around problems when they arise.

TRM teams will:

  • Secure rights for the installation of microwave installation
  • Coordinate all resources required to secure notice to proceed
  • Provide full construction and alignment services per design
  • Align, calibrate and commission links meeting required link strength parameters
  • Provide comprehensive closeout packages that include test documents and photos for data/record storage, inventory and installation history for each site

TRM has experience and certifications with several microwave radio equipment vendors, including:

  • Andrew
  • Bridgewave
  • Ceragon
  • DragonWave
  • Harris
  • NEC
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Ericsson