DAS - Wi-Fi TRMAs in-building systems mature and develop, TRM stays current with the latest technologies, methods and design to ensure we can add value to technology deployment. Many times a well-engineered plan requires a strong integration partner with proven technique to deliver expected results – TRM strives for this on every job.

  • Design and installation
  • MDF and IDF closet build out
  • Rack and stack equipment
  • Commissioning & Benchmarking
  • Fiber Backbone
  • Cable Management
  • Multiple OEM Certifications

TRM DAS/Wi-Fi Services

DASIf you are looking to deploy your in-building DAS/WiFi  infrastructure, TRM has your solution.  With many unique installations under our belt, we have defined the turnkey approach that delivers on-air coverage to your customers as quickly as possible.   See our white paper or case studies for examples

  • TRM works closely with our partners to design the path of least resistance to the equipment location which minimizes cost, schedule and disruption.
  • TRM will factor in requirements for power and backhaul depending on the technology being utilized.
  • TRM specializes in clearing the right of entry with the property owner quickly. This is often times the largest hurdle to overcome and can impact timely delivery.  Let TRM’s experts pave the way as quickly as possible and allow you to offer reliable forecasting.
  • TRM has worked at thousands of properties and we understand what is important to both the property owners and you, our customer. We take steps to make sure both parties can look back with satisfaction on the services provided by TRM.  Our goal is to be invited back to the property based on our professionalism and a job well done.

Our services

  • Project Management
  • Detailed, customizable, cloud based database for real time data
  • Site survey and job costing
  • A&E – design
  • Site Acquisition / Permitting
  • Make ready construction
  • Underground make ready construction
  • Fiber, copper, coax, HFC Pull, Splice & Test
  • Antenna, mounts and grounding installation
  • Electrical Services
  • POE Applications
  • Rack & Stack
  • Equipment Install
  • Testing and Documentation
  • Commissioning
  • Benchmarking and CW Testing
  • Ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting

TRM has a team of highly trained techs who have the experience to deliver excellent service.  You can feel confident that TRM will represent your company in a professional manner, positive attitude with your best interests in mind.

We cross train our techs to be prepared for as many situations as possible that may be encountered on site.  This results in the most efficient use of their time on site and we can help identify potential site issues.  Combined with our senior management, TRM has the experience to get the job done right the first time.

Give us a call to find out how TRM can provide value to your DAS/WiFi services offering.