Ethernet Edge Solutions

TRM Ethernet Edge SolutionsIn today’s world, individuals, businesses, organizations…all of us, demand broadband connectivity…from anywhere… at any time. To meet these demands, communications networks must be flexible and robust from the cell site to the data center and all points in between. TRM has excelled at delivering Ethernet edge solutions to enable technology and capacity to be as close to the edge of the network as possible.

  • OSP/ISP construction
  • Fiber installation
  • CPE install, test & turn-up
  • Microwave install, test & turn-up

backhaulThe demand for greater bandwidth and higher connection speeds has created the need for more robust and ubiquitous backhaul and connectivity solutions. TRM has extensive experience with more than 10 years deploying backhaul solutions and connectivity with carriers, fiber providers and equipment vendors.

Core TRM Services

  • End-to-end backhaul deployment and integration
  • Fiber-based cell tower backhaul
  • Microwave-based cell tower backhaul
  • Installation and turn-up of Ethernet and TDM CPE equipment
  • Full turn-key installation services
  • Program and project management
  • Fiber to the tower Ethernet
  • Fiber deployment from the base station back into mobile network
  • Provide redundancy, using fiber and microwave links
  • Backhaul cell sites through construction of laterals connecting to core fiber
  • Construction techniques that utilize the highest standards as directed by manufacturers and tailored to customer requirements
  • osp-ispConstruction of laterals
  • Collocate carrier grade switches, TDM/Ethernet equipment
  • Trained technicians for fiber or point-to-point microwave services for backhaul and connectivity
  • On-staff technicians, construction and program managers with experience constructing all types of laterals, collocation of carrier grade switches or TDM/Ethernet equipment at the tower
  • Fiber termination and splicing, test and turn up services

TRM teams implement the infrastructure to get you connected to the ISP or network of your choice. TRM technicians install FOC to all properties including, single and multi-story buildings, secured buildings, plants, government agencies, and secured tower compounds. All personnel are trained and certified to the latest safety and technical standards to ensure your network is built and launched properly.

Site make-readyFiber/copper installation, termination and testing
Site constructionDAS; In-building wireless
Antenna installation, coax cable, fiberPassive optical networks; GPON
Last mile; fiber and microwaveFiber to the desktop
Tower erectionRack & Stack
Electrical & powerTesting & turn-up
ConduitStructured cabling
Site Maintenance & RepairCable splicing, terminations and testing
SheltersCable trays, hangers and riser installations
Directional boring & trenching
Fiber & Microwave Backhaul
 Ethernet Circuit Migrations