Joe Kelly was hired to spearhead TRM’s growth initiative, according to Justin Leland, TRM’s president.

“Joe is a seasoned professional who has years of experience in the industry and knows a ton of people,” said Leland. “His official title is vice president of business development and integration, but he’s a bit of an anomaly, really. He has a rare and interesting combination of skills – good with people and developing relationships coupled with a great technical understanding that he uses to solve customers’ problems and help them reach their goals. Needless to say, that makes him valuable to TRM at a time where we are striving for exponential growth.”

Before joining TRM this month, Kelly was the Baltimore-Washington DAS program manager for T-Mobile.

“I have 23 years of experience in the construction world. I started as an electrician, and worked on everything from robotics to switchgear and generators,” said Kelly. “I eventually got into the cellular industry.”

Kelly’s resume includes a stint as the vice president of Generac’s third-largest generator distributorship in the country and serving as president of a cell tower business. “In the tower company, I oversaw everything from tower climbers to electrical installation and maintenance. I was handling all of the sales, too,” recalled Kelly.

When that company merged with another, Kelly shifted to a sales role that culminated in a national sales positon. He set up national offices for services and staffing and was the driving force behind growing the company by 100-fold in two years. Before he left he was responsible for hundreds of people throughout the nation.

“Yes, he has more sales DNA than most, but he has an amazing technical mind, too,” said Leland. “We recognize the advantage that a technical sales leader gives us. When he demonstrates an understanding of what a job requires in terms of days, manpower and costs, there’s instant credibility.”

“New technologies are coming on line so fast that customers will need help keeping up with what’s happening. TRM’s ability to adapt quickly to changes in technology, client-task modifications and network infrastructure is second to none,” explained Kelly. “This is the biggest reason why I came to TRM.”

“Attracting Joe Kelly is a real coups,” said Larry Reed, director of wireless services for TRM. “I worked with him at T-Mobile’s Baltimore office. He’s a diligent, hard worker who won’t rest until he’s happy with a situation. Really smart. Easy to work with.”

Kelly attributes his propensity for creative solutions in part to his musical ability. He was classically trained at Peabody in Baltimore and Berklee in Boston, and plays guitar in a band to this day.

“Our ongoing challenge is staying relevant in an incredibly fast-evolving industry,” said Leland. “I see Joe as a way to hedge that challenge.”

When asked why he left T-Mobile, Kelly said: “The DAS position at T-Mobile was not a sales job. It was rewarding, but it wasn’t my true passion. I love being in front of customers and behind the effort to grow a company.”