“I was ready to take the next step and assume a director-level position,” said Larry Reed, who recently left T-Mobile after 15 years to become TRM’s director of wireless services.

“I spent the first six years at T-Mobile as a field tech, was promoted to field manager and then later to senior operations manager,” recalled Reed. “My director was fairly young and she was good at her job. It seemed like it was going to be a long time before I had a chance for another promotion. TRM gave me a fast-track opportunity for career advancement.”

As a senior operations manager at T-Mobile, Reed oversaw a workforce of 60 people and was responsible for 2,600 cell sites.

“Larry Reed comes to TRM with a lot operational and management experience. We believe he will bring operational efficiencies and a more sophisticated approach to our Maryland office,” said Justin Leland, president of TRM. “Job one is to prep it for growth.”

“I heard nothing but good things about [TRM]. Sean Carr and Justin Leland seemed like good people with strong reputations. It seemed like a good fit,” said Reed.

Reed hopes to bring additional stability to the company and grow the business with his industry contacts.

When pressed to list his strengths, Reed cited technical operations, leadership and people skills. “I understand what makes people tick and how to help them maximize their performance,” he said. “My time as a field tech and then managing techs for so long helps me understand what they go through.
Being a field tech is the greatest job in telecom, but it’s also one of the hardest because you’re often on your own. Field guys are a different breed. It takes a special person to work in 100-degree heat and when it’s negative 9. And there’s a knack to managing them.”

“I look forward to working with Larry again,” said Joe Kelly, a newly hired vice president of business development and integration at TRM. Kelly also came from T-Mobile where he specialized in DAS.

“Joe and Larry will work closely in the coming months to meet our growth goals,” said Leland.

Part of preparing TRM’s Maryland office for growth will include looking at staffing in terms of head count and capabilities, according to Reed. “We’re going to have to staff up a little bit, then we’re going to seek new customers. Once you get the work and the people you need to do the work, then you have to do a great job. You have to deliver on the promise of quality.”

At the same time, Reed plans to focus heavily on Wi-Fi, which he sees as the future of the industry. “Carriers are going to have a lot of DAS instead of macro sites. Small cell is the way things are headed,” he said.