Maintenance Services

TRM Maintenance ServicesCritical network components require regular maintenance services to sustain ideal operating parameters. TRM can work with you to develop customized schedules, checklists and methods of procedure to ensure your network remains robust and operating at peak performance.

  • Compound maintenance
  • Emergency and regularly-scheduled service
  • On-call trouble-ticket support for base station and tower-top
  • Snow plowing
  • Mobile generator towing and hook-ups
  • Site audits

TRM bucket truckTechnical Services Include:

  • Communication Site & Tower Maintenance
  • Site Inspections, Maintenance and Modifications
  • Circuit Testing
  • Line of Sight Surveys
  • Turnkey Services
  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Upgrades & Modification
  • Program Management
  • Wireless Construction Management
  • Network & Project Turnkey Services:

TRM tower maintenance ATVCommunication Site & Tower Maintenance

Carriers, integrators, GCs and tower companies utilize TRM for turn-key a la carte network services

TRM provides trained technicians and climbers who are capable of supporting equipment on a contract basis, as needed or for emergency services.

TRM provides service across a wide array of base station equipment components (radios, rectifiers, power supplies, duplexors, etc.).

TRM technicians are trained with multiple manufacturers and platforms due to varying needs and technologies

Additional services include network upgrades, troubleshooting, lighting and grounding systems and antenna change-outs.

Site Audits, Inspections & Repairs

TRM provides site survey reporting that includes site details, photos, simulations/provision of construction and as-built drawings.

Site Inspections, Maintenance and Modifications

Services for industry compliance with OSHA, FAA and FCC regulations on rooftops, guyed, self-support towers and poles can include:

  • TIA / EIA Standard
  • Records Documentation
  • Foundation Work
  • Structural Work
  • Lighting
  • Lightning Protection
  • Grounding & Anchors
  • Irrigation & Drainage
  • Digital Photo Documentation
  • Maintenance & Modifications