TRM’s recent network development services in support of a wireless upgrade project affirmed our claims of industry leadership. ¬†We are viewed as a leader in various markets and among numerous vendors across the United States in large part because we consistently provide highly customizable solutions and demonstrate flexibility in meeting clients’ requirements as they are adjusted throughout the course of a project.

On this project our services included:

  • Technical Services
    • Equipment consolidation and upgrade
    • LTE/4G build-out
      • Tower antenna/radio electronics
      • construction
    • A&E design support
  • Project Management
    • TRM was lead vendor for 175 sites
    • Upgrade/Install new technologies; remove old
    • Manage the technical construction process, scheduling
  • Real Estate Services
    • Site surveys (leasing, permitting, design, construction)
    • ROW for telecom access
    • Detailed report of all required information