Professional Services

TRM Professional ServicesIn order for network nodes to be installed and their benefits realized, all rights and regulatory requirements must be met in an expedited timeframe. TRM has proven to be experts at securing preferential terms and expedited schedules.

  • Site Selection
  • Acquisition
  • Zoning
  • Permitting
  • Auditing
  • Lease Amendment
  • A&E
  • Regulatory/Due Diligence

Implementation, Deployment and Network Integration

trm-car-logoTRM directly handles program and project components from concept through deployment and integration for small and large scale initiatives. One of our core assets is our ability to take an independent approach to each project; working to create the most effective solution for our clients that is not biased by an equipment vendor or specific deployment approach. Each project is specifically tailored with a unique set of objectives and deliverables. Being able to utilize our past performances with multiple major telecom/cable providers, who each have their own set of security and integrity standards, allows us to provide an independent albeit informed approach to options and solutions that best fit the specific needs of a particular project.

TRM Program Management and Services Summary

  • TRM provides program management, including management of multi-disciplined services and subcontractors to streamline processes, provide scalability, optimize reporting/interface and ensure deliverables
  • TRM provides deployment/project management, technical/integration services for convergent telecom & IT infrastructure [wireless, wire-line/fiber and IT/structured cabling].
  • TRM has certified technicians for Optical LAN/fiber-to-the-desktop services, working toward integrating the ‘green’ impact on networks.
  • TRM provides turnkey installations and technical services required for network deployment, backhaul and delivery of IT & Telecom networks and for expanded broadband capacity.
  • We are seasoned at program management and routinely uncover methods and processes to improve efficiencies and speed to market based, in part, on the diversity of our past projects as well as the seasoned exposure of our team members.

TRM Professional Services Overview

Site Development & MaintenanceNetwork Deployment & Integration
Program ManagementFiber Optics & Copper Cable
Feasibility AnalysisInside Plant & Outside Plant
Site Survey & InspectionDAS and Wi‐Fi
Acquisition, Entitlement & ZoningBase Station & Radio Integration
Regulatory & EnvironmentalLine of Site Survey
A&E CoordinationMicrowave Installation & Integration
Construction ManagementOptical LAN, PON/GPON
Structured CablingFTTx
Backhaul NetworksNetwork Adds, Mods, Upgrades & Moves
Tower ErectionODU, IDU, TIU Installation & Integration
Antenna & Line InstallationNetwork Implementation
General ContractingIn‐Building Wireless Systems

TRM Professional ServicesFiber and Wireless Deployment (Cellular, Small Cell, Wi-Fi, DAS, etc.)

  • Site Acquisition
    • Real estate lease and regulatory assessment
    • Site Identification
    • Leasing
    • Regulatory
    • Zoning and Permitting
  • A&E
    • Network Design
    • Site Surveys
    • Construction & Zoning Drawings
  • Construction
    • Bid BOM material procurement
    • Warehousing logistics
    • Excavation
    • Tower Top construction
    • Civil and Electrical construction (licensed electricians on staff)
  • Construction Management
    • Site Survey/Audit
    • Bid coordination
    • BOM, material procurement
    • Quality Audits
  • Technical Services
    • Equipment provisioning
    • Troubleshooting
    • Turn-up and test
    • Cell backhaul
  • Program Management
    • Development of Project Plans
    • Work Breakdown Structures
    • Methods of Procedure
    • Customized databases
    • Deployment strategy experts
  • Fiber
  • Microwave
  • Turnkey Deployment of Services
    • Survey
    • Design
    • Real Estate
    • Construction
    • Installation of electronics
    • Turn up and test

TRM is a CCR-registered small business offering convergent network infrastructure services and support.

The accelerating need for higher transport speeds and greater bandwidth continues to create opportunities and needs for expanded services, solutions, security, product combinations and applications. This holds true for wireless and wired distribution and transport networks. In addition, the need to protect against infrastructure intrusion continues to escalate in concert with the expansion of geographic coverage applications, user mobility and general dependence on broadband connectivity.

TRM Services Cover

  • Smart/green buildings
  • Personnel Placement – Technicians, Program & Project Managers, Administrative
  • Wireless and fiber backhaul
  • Last mile connectivity
  • DAS; Indoor, Outdoor
  • Optical networking
  • Other FTTP/Metro Ethernet/last mile networks
  • Wireless networks
  • In-building networks and cabling
  • Rack & stack
  • Structured Cabling; Fiber/Copper
  • Tower construction, analysis, mods, deconstruct
  • GSA Schedule 70

A core objective for TRM government services is to provide market defining solutions and services by applying knowledge generated across many unique clients in concert with a net neutral approach to selection of vendors, applications, integrators and carriers to provide the most effective and secure solution to each initiative.

Areas of Application Include

  • Services & solutions for wireless and wired applications, inclusive of:
    • FTTP, FTTD, GPON, Optical LAN, Metro Ethernet
    • WiFi, DAS
    • Fiber Backhaul
    • Microwave Backhaul
    • Intrusion protection
  • Program & project management and services for:
    • Network Design,
    • Network Deployment,
    • Network Intrusion Protection and Network Security
  • Leverage the strengths and operations of TRM with the expertise, resources, geographic distribution/coverage, available relationships and products of hardware, software, intrusion protection companies.