Program Management

Program management tableAll successful deployments require proper planning. TRM utilizes PMBOK based principles with detailed work breakdown structures to capture all key decision points, action required, processes to streamline all functions to bring sites from inception to integration into the network.

TRM has developed methods and processes to best direct projects from start to finish. It has been our experience that projects that  isolate each discipline suffer from a lack of coordination, communication and lost efficiencies. TRM applies methods and valuable experience to identify the most important requirements for each client. We then communicate, coordinate and complete our projects to excel in the fast paced and high demand environment that exists for deployment projects in the telecommunications industry.
Past Performance

TRM Program ManagementTurn-key services include:

  • Site Acquisition
  • A&E
  • Environmental
  • Utility Provisioning
  • Site Make-ready
  • Construction
  • Equipment Provisioning
  • Program Management

TRM will work closely with each client to develop program management guidelines, processes, and protocols, providing client-facing project management services to seamlessly integrate all services and deliverables within client’s overall project schedule.

TRM will deliver quality close-out documentation that satisfies Client requirements

The TRM Program Management Team is equipped to handle the complete needs of telecommunications carriers from network design to final integration and testing. This team will  develop a master plan defining the details and goals for each project including quantifiable milestones needed to ensure that all parties can measure progress with a common format and understanding. TRM assembles the essential personnel for each discipline to orchestrate rapid national, regional or local network deployments. These services are customized to provide the specific needs and deliverables for each client.

Turnkey Services Components

  • 100% self-performance capability of project tasks / milestones
  • Robust, real-time database with highly-customizable reporting and data/document warehousing using proprietary QuickBase engine
  • Physical warehouse space with equipment logistics services
  • Managers, techs and electricians familiar with exact project scope
  • Sophisticated PMP based task planning and methodology
  • 17-years of proven telecom experience within the Northeast region (individual [and often original] site development knowledge & landlord relationship)
  • Enhanced experience with wireless carriers and their respective equipment
  • Familiarity with client / carrier / customer NOC procedures and protocols
  • Exceptional response time to trouble tickets and associated resolutions
  • Ability to provide in-the-field or warehouse configuration and staging
  • Scalable resources to meet fluctuating demands for all program disciplines
  • Involvement with current Ethernet backhaul programs
  • Services can be turnkey or a la carte depending on program

A core objective is to provide market defining solutions and services by applying knowledge generated across many unique clients in concert with a net neutral approach to selection of vendors, applications, integrators and carriers to provide the most effective and secure solution to each initiative.

Perspective: The accelerating need for higher transport speeds and greater bandwidth continues to create opportunities and needs for expanded services, solutions, security, product combinations and applications.  This holds true for wireless and wired distribution and transport networks.  In addition, the need to protect against infrastructure intrusion continues to escalate in concert with the expansion of geographic coverage, applications, user mobility and general dependence on broadband connectivity.

TRM Core & Growth Components

  • Services & solutions for wireless and wired applications, inclusive of:
    • FTTP, FTTD, GPON, Optical LAN, Metro Ethernet
    • WiFi, DAS
    • Fiber Backhaul
    • Microwave Backhaul
    • Intrusion protection
  • Project management and services for:
    • Network Design,
    • Network Deployment,
    • Network Intrusion Protection and Network Security
    • Leverage the strengths and operations of TRM with the expertise, resources, geographic distribution/coverage, available relationships and products of hardware, software, intrusion protection companies.

Areas of application include

  • Smart/green buildings
  • Wireless and fiber backhaul
  • Last mile connectivity
  • DAS; Indoor, Outdoor
  • Optical networking
  • Other FTTP/Metro Ethernet/last mile networks
  • Wireless networks
  • In-building networks and cabling

Listing of Core Competencies

Site Development & MaintenanceNetwork Deployment & Integration
Program ManagementFiber Optics & Copper Cable
Feasibility AnalysisInside Plant & Outside Plant
Site Survey & InspectionT-1 Extension/LEC Coordination
Acquisition, Entitlement & ZoningBase Station & Radio Integration
Regulatory & EnvironmentalLine of Site Survey
A&E CoordinationMicrowave Integration
Construction ManagementAdds, Mods & Moves
Tower ErectionODU, IDU, TIU Installation & Integration
Antenna & Line InstallationNetwork Integration
Tower MappingIn-Building Wireless Systems
General ContractingInfrastructure Construction

Network Deployment & Integration

  • Fiber Optics & Copper Cable
  • Inside Plant & Outside Plant
  • DAS and Wi‐Fi
  • Base Station & Radio Integration
  • Line of Site Survey
  • Microwave Installation & Integration
  • Optical LAN
  • Fiber‐to‐the‐desktop
  • Adds, Mods, Upgrades & Moves
  • ODU, IDU, TIU Installation & Integration
  • Network Implementation
  • In‐Building Wireless Systems
  • Structured cabling
  • Antenna and cabling swaps, addition of diplexers/duplexers, cabinet swaps, hot swap cutovers, power and backhaul modifications

Implementation, deployment and network integration.

trm-car-logoTRM directly handles program and project components from concept through deployment and integration for small and large scale initiatives. One of our core assets is our ability to take an independent approach to each project; working to create the most effective solution for our clients that is not biased by an equipment vendor or specific deployment approach. Each project is specifically tailored with a unique set of objectives and deliverables. Being able to utilize our past performances with multiple major telecom/cable providers, who each have their own set of security and integrity standards, allows us to provide an independent albeit informed approach to options and solutions that best fit the specific needs of a particular project.

TRM Program Management & Services Summary:

  • TRM provides program management, including management of multi-disciplined services and subcontractors to streamline processes, provide scalability, optimize reporting/interface and ensure deliverables
  • TRM provides deployment/project management, technical/integration services for convergent telecom & IT infrastructure [wireless, wire-line/fiber and IT/structured cabling].
  • TRM has certified technicians for Optical LAN/fiber-to-the-desktop services, working toward integrating the ‘green’ impact on networks.
  • TRM provides turnkey installations and technical services required for network deployment, backhaul and delivery of IT & Telecom networks and for expanded broadband capacity.
  • We are seasoned at program management and routinely uncover methods and processes to improve efficiencies and speed to market based, in part, on the diversity of our past projects as well as the seasoned exposure of our team members.