Location:  Hudson, NH

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This position is for candidates with extensive experience in cellular construction. Foreman will be required to closely supervise and assist with the construction and testing of cell sites. Foreman will need to be able to lead experience techs as well as train new ones while maintaining safe productive job sites. Ability to lead crews, extensive experience with construction, testing, and troubleshooting/maintenance are a must.

Basic requirements:
• Able to climb to and work at heights exceeding 300’
• Able to work outside year round in all elements, including but not limited to snow, rain, and varying temperatures
• Able to work long hours including night shifts when required
• Able to travel for short periods of time as required
• Must have clean driving record
• Must be able to pass pre-employment drug screening
• Must be able to follow instructions from managers and maintain a high degree of quality
• Must be able to follow and enforce strict safety policies
Job duties may include:
• Planning daily activities for crew and assigning tasks as required
• Monitoring crew activities and ensuring all safety policies are being followed
• Installation and maintenance of mounts, platforms, antennas, RRU’s, TMA, and other related equipment on towers, rooftops, and other structures to expand and upgrade cellular networks
• Installation and maintenance of coaxial and DC power/fiber optic transmission lines
• Installation and maintenance of microwave equipment
• Testing of new and existing equipment. May include sweep, PIM, or fiber testing
• Installation of ice bridges, cable trays, equipment pads, racks, and platforms
• Installation of underground and in building conduits for electrical and back haul circuits

Required Skills include:
• Minimum 5 years’ experience in cellular construction (2 as a lead)
• Ability to manage a small crew and maintain a safe productive work environment
• Basic computer skills required for equipment programing and site closeouts
• Sweep & PIM testing certifications (practical knowledge/skill test may be performed during interview)
• Fiber testing certification
• Competent Tower Climber and Rescuer Certification (does not need to be current, TRM will re-certify, previous experience as an instructor is a bonus)
• First Aid & CPR (TRM will re-certify if required)
• NWSA TTT1 & TTT2 certification not required but is a bonus
Training provided by TRM will include:
• Competent Tower Climber and Rescuer Training
• First Aid & CPR
• EME/RF Awareness
• Job Specific Skills Certifications as needed